Calisto Free Standing L

Calisto Free Standing L

Calisto Free Standing L

Was: $2,995

Designed to be more efficient than ever, the Kent Calisto Medium Freestanding Wood Heater combines technology with modern design. With coverage of up to 320 square meters, the Calisto is the perfect choice for medium to large sized spaces.
This efficient and environmentally friendly wood heater is one of the cleanest burning heaters on the market, burning cleaner than the national standard for emissions of 1.5g/kg.
Sturdy in construction, the firebox comes with a 10 year firebox warranty.

Features Specifications Variations

- 320msq coverage

- heat output: 16.6kw

- burn time: 9.5 hours

- construction: 6mm

- 3 speed fan

986mm (h)

769mm (w)

558mm (d)

+ $529 (flue)